Scott Matthews, St John’s Church, Canton, Cardiff – May 2020

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Scott Matthews brings folk-blues roots and more to Cardiff next May.

In an interview about the new record, Scott revealed:

“The world is changing, my world is changing, and my viewpoint is changing now I stand from the vantage point of fatherhood. I’ve been presented with the ultimate gift that has opened up a whole world of responsibility that changes and challenges your perspective overnight. It’s a crazy beautiful time.

To reflect this in my musical world I’m excited to be delving into a new – synth inspired – sonic landscape on new songs that will make up my seventh studio record. The world of synthesizers has always intrigued and captivated me, even though it’s previously felt like territory I couldn’t fathom or navigate.

I’ve always wondered what I could come up with in this domain. With my experiments over the last few months – using a local church as a rehearsal space – I’ve managed to harness that new-found-light and shower it over songs that are still largely driven by guitars but now with the added ‘spook’ and cinematic mystery that synths can inject, combined with ethereal church acoustics enlightening my approach to singing. All this is supported by the backbone rhythms of a drum machine using samples I’ve created myself. It’s quite the concoction that feels very different to anything I’ve created on my previous six records.

With that said, I’m excited at the prospect of showcasing these new songs on my very special upcoming May 2020 tour. We’ve selected some of the UK’s finest venues to give fans a chance to hear the new material prior to its official release, which is scheduled for Autumn 2020.

I hope you can join me as I venture into a new world…”

[Ages 14+ Only]

Playing St John’s Church, Canton, Cardiff – Friday 22nd May. Click on the poster above for tickets.

SOUNDCHECK COMP – Ginger Wildheart, Cardiff.

Any tickets bought before midnight on Sunday 13th October will be automatically entered into a draw where five lucky winners will be permitted access to watch Soundcheck ahead of the Cardiff show.

With Special guest: Lauren Tate from Hands off Gretel.

[Ages 14+ Only]

Playing St John’s Church, Canton, Cardiff – Fri 8th November. Click on the poster below for tickets.